Getting back into photography

Hi and welcome to my first blog post!

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and am in constant awe of dedicated photographers. A couple weeks ago I rediscovered a pile of expired, exposed 120mm film from who-knows-when, taken on a Holga 120FN. That weekend I went out to Photo St-Denis to develop a single roll of film and the memories came flooding back. There were photos of the Byward market in Ottawa and my friend and I at Mooney’s Bay taken 8 years (?) ago. It’s amazing how a photo can bring back the emotions and memories of that time in an instant.


So, that brings me to today. I have put photography on hold for the past few years since moving to Montreal but this experience has me feeling invigorated about photography all over again! There are 3 exposed films of unknown content that still need to be developed and 5 unused 120mm rolls. I can’t wait to find out what hidden photos have been sitting there all these years!! The last time I developed a roll of film was about 9 years ago. I had taken some standard photos of the items in my room and had completely forgotten what those items were until I received the printed photos. The poor developer must have been so confused and concerned when one of the photos revealed…a BOX OF HUMAN BONES. Yes, you heard me. Bones. Before you think I’m a crazy serial killer, let me explain! I was taking a course in human anatomy and we were required to take a box of bones home to study before the exam. In retrospect, taking a photo of those bones was a weird choice but it was worth the story.

I don’t have a specific purpose for this blog but if you’re interested in lifestyle, travel, and the beautiful city of Montreal I will be posting photos taken with a range of cameras: Holga 120FN, my sadly neglected Minolta (film) inherited from my dad, Canon (digital), polaroid, and…iphone. Hopefully this blog will motivate me to improve my photography skills and overcome my fear of sharing my photos with everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!


(…do people normally sign their name at the end of a blog post?)

Photo St-Denis:


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